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Mobile CRM:

         Mobilising your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system using a BlackBerry solution can help your business control costs, improve overall productivity and develop differentiated services to sharpen your competitive edge. There exists a synergy between mobile CRM solutions and BlackBerry devices. Using Mobile CRM on a BlackBerry, field sales reps have access to the customer and sales information they need to build stronger customer relationships, boost productivity, and provide real-time updates – anytime, anywhere. Wirelessly-enabled CRM applications generate greater ROI through workforce productivity and customer responsiveness. Leverage the experience of leading organizations that have deployed CRM on BlackBerry. Learn how to maximize the benefits of wireless-CRM and avoid potential pitfalls.


Here is a partial list of the various BlackBerry platform technology areas that we have extensively worked on:
  • Muti-threaded application Frameworks
  • Telephony and Messaging integration (Email, SMS, PIN Messages)
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Audio and Camera integration
  • Enterprise Server access through Web Services and HTTP
  • Audio / Video Streaming
  • Formulating and Parsing XML data packets for Communication with server
  • Optimizing GPRS access for uploading/downloading data
  • Implementing an appropriate persistent data store for offline access
  • Making Applications App World compliant


Mobile CRM on Blackberry Brings to You:

1.End to end CRM with built in wireless
2.Wireless data is automatically synchronized
3.Data loaded directly on your PDA for fast access
4.Available for the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and iPhone
5.Affordable CRM
6.Highly configurable – can be tailored quickly an easily
7.Remarkably easy- to- use
8.All information captured in one dashboard
9.Your choice: hosted or on premise deployment
10.Integrated with Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook
11.Open source: easily integrates with other applications
12.Built by CRM and wireless experts
13.Seamless upgrades
15.Point and click configurations
16.Designated CRM expert for personalized support as well as US and European Helpdesk and Email support

        Companies typically invest in mobile CRM for field sales for one of three reasons: to increase revenue, improve service, or reduce costs. Companies using mobile CRM have achieved a return on investment (ROI) in these areas through the Improved productivity by 17 – 20%(one additional sales appointment per day).Ability to provide seamless client service from in-office and field staff.Compliance for financial professionals to track all client interactions and requests.Greater visibility into field staff activities for managers to provide better coaching. BlackBerry CRM is the wireless enterprise solution and allows mobile users to stay connected with secure, wireless access to email, corporate data, phone, calendar, web and organizer features while addressing crucial corporate requirements regarding security, integration and cost. Mobile professionals get effortless access to the information they need while on the road. With BlackBerry CRM, the wireless workplace is becoming a reality. Designed specifically to keep workforces connected to accounts, activities, opportunities, contact information, and other enterprise data, BlackBerry CRM is an end-to-end solution that delivers on the promise of information mobility.

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