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          Enterprise Sales, Field force location and activity tracking system is a mobile and Web-based, extremely cost effective, efficient, user-friendly, and scalability system. This system has been developed in response to the tracking requirement of Indian enterprises And Corporates.
          Customers can use the mobile and web based application interchangeably as and when they find it suitable.
          Use of the web based service makes it possible for multiple users and managers of the enterprise share the same data that is contributed by the mobile phones to a central location.

          Work Force Mobile Tracking, Field Force Location Management by phone and Activity tracking System by economic phones. Now Mobile location Tracking through CRM, SAP, and Others. Corporate Sales Tracking, Enterprise.

             A comprehensive web based administration system is available to the organization’s administrator web based tracking is provided to all users of the system. Depending on the user type Admin, department head, group head, or staff, the tracking information displayed will change.

Additional Features available as options

1. Automatic phone call logging with location information.

2. Automatic SMS message archival with location information.
3.Automatic phone call recording with location information (For Windows Mobile and S60 devices).

4. Meeting notes recording and saving on server with location information.
5. Market based tracking – enterprise may define their own market locations which could be stores or service.
locations spread out over a geographic location and the tracking information will refer to the market locations when displayed.

6. Tracking on map is available if the mangers have iPhone or Android devices.

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