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        This system has been developed in response to the tracking requirement of Indian enterprises And Corporates. Every person whether male or female directly or indirectly fed up with unknown callers, its easy for every person to afford mobile, but its hard to assist any stranger call , Low call rates are also responsible for increase in the number of strange calls.
Customers can use the mobile and web based application interchangeably as and when they find it suitable.
Use of the web based service makes it possible for multiple users and managers of the enterprise share the same
data that is contributed by the mobile phones to a central location.

        A comprehensive web based administration system is available to the organization’s administrator web based tracking is provided to all users of the system. Depending on the user type i.e. Admin, department head, group head, or staff, the tracking information displayed will change.

Additional Features available as options :

1. Automatic phone call logging with location information.

2. Automatic SMS message archival with location information.
3.Automatic phone call recording with location information (For Windows Mobile and S60 devices).

4. Meeting notes recording and saving on server with location information.
5. Market based tracking – enterprise may define their own market locations which could be stores or service locations.     spread out over a geographic location and the tracking information will refer to the market locations when displayed.

6. Tracking on map is available if the mangers have iPhone or Android devices.
           Call recording is becoming increasingly important, with technology changing and working habits becoming more mobile. Addressing mobile recording is now the subject of many financial regulators'recommendations.
It is also increasingly important to business continuity planning, especially for pandemic planning.

          A voice recorder is a simple interface software designed only for mobile device that is mainly used to record short reminders or memos. Technological advances and modernity have dramatically improved the quality, features and usability of digital voice recorders.

         MobiTrack has developed a number of professional audio recorder programs suitable for digital computer voice recording. Each voice recording software application is specifically designed for particular recording tasks including general voice recording, editing speech, multiple line voice logging, dictation and more.

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        GPS phone tracking or Mobile GPS in GPS navigation technology has meant that mobile phone GPS tracking now makes the information a lot more accurate. GPS System tracks your location by interpreting the data received from 3 or more satellites. Mobile phone GPS tracking or GPS phone can therefore be a useful feature for business owners and Corporate Company managers who need to be able to keep track of their vehicle movements. Mobile phone GPS tracking or GPS navigation system in a GPS phone can be a useful feauture for the Real Time Activity from a GPS Mobile phones. Imagine GPS Mobile phones used as a navigational device. Based on the Mobile phone GPS tracking signal, Of course in car GPS navigation systems can already perform many of these tasks, Mobil GPS tracking could also be used for Real Time Tracking in the Corporate World.

        There are some commercial uses in cell phone tracking business. The employers want to track the cell phones of their employees. Since the employers provide cell most of the time in mid and large size companies, this turned out to be a great area for cell phone tracking for productivity and security optimization.

Real Time Tracking Software On Cell Phone Device :

       Cell Phone GPS Tracking is tracking a cell phone which by means of GSM network or GPS (global positioning Satellite) signal receiver. The technology has been around for a quite a long time but the recent advancements and price break points of the digital retail markets allowed cell phone GPS Tracking more available. Today there are several companies that provide cell phone GPS tracking services especially in USA and UK. These countries also have the fastest growing techno marketing enterprises on the world. Soon it is projected that you would have to fight hard to get your cell phone not be tracked.

        Using our Mobi Track Digital Voice Recorder call recording feature, call centers now have the ability to record and retrieve phone conversations in real time. Administrators can selectively record specific agents, all agents, certain campaigns, randomly, or even provide an agent with the ability to record on demand. Additionally, the recording option can be customized to meet virtually any set of business rules.

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Real Time Tracking Technique On Cell Phone : Cellular GPS Tracking Solutions : Real Time Tracking Application :
Cell Phone GPS Tracking System : Real Time Activity Tracking Program : Online GPS Tracking Software On Cell Phone