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Workforce Management Implementation FAQ


What MobiTrack Administrator will do ?


1. You provide us with your organization name, address, phone number, name of the person who will administer your installation and his/her email ID and a preferred user name for the Administrator to login.

2MobiTrack Administrator creates an account for your Organization, will assign the Administrator credentials for your organization and an email will be sent to your administrator to activate the account.

3. Administrator then assigns the number of subscriptions purchased by your organization, and permission to use the applications that you have subscribed to.

4. When a subscription is assigned to you the default application configuration parameters are set as configuration parameter for your implementation of Solution . If you want your default configuration to be different then administrator can set it to your desired configuration based on your inputs.



What your organization administrator will do ?


1. Your administrator will have to login to the system, create individual users for your organization.

             a. When creating individual user your administrator will have option to make them a department manager, group manager or user.

                          Department managers and group managers will have the option to view the information coming from the devices of the users under them.

2. Your administrator will then assign a subscription to each of the registered users including the managers.

             a. When subscribing a user, administrator will need to enter the unique IMEI number of the user’s device.

                          Required if you want the device application should automatically sign on to the server and start sending the tracking information without user having to login from the device.

3. Your administrator will then have to change the configuration of application for each user. This is an optional step which you can do for users if required. For example, if you want the application to run on user’s device in hidden mode then you have to set the UI accessible option to no. Whatever change you do on server side will be downloaded to the device application and device application will configure itself accordingly.


Required information that you need to provide us ?


You will need to collect and provide us the following required information for us to setup your implementation and assign your administrator a credential.

             1. Your company Name.

             2. Company full address.

             3. Main phone number.

             4. Website address.

             5. Administrator’s name.

             6. Administrator’s email id.

             7. Administrator’s phone number.

             8. Preferred user id for administrator.


Information your Administrator will need :


Your administrator is the person in charge of

               Defining new users for your organization.

               Removing existing users.

               Assigning/reassigning subscriptions.

              Configuring user’s monitoring parameters from the server side.

               Installing device application on user’s device (if required).


In order to be able to do this effectively, your Administrator will need to collect the following information:

             1. User’s name.

             2.  Email id.

             3.  Preferred user Id and password.

             4.  IMEI number of the device user is using.

             5.  Phone number of the device user is using.


Note :

             • IMEI number is required if you want the Device application to automatically connect to the server after installation and continue to work without any user intervention and sometimes, even without user’s knowledge.

                          To get the IMEI number, press *#06# on the device.

             • Phone number is required if you want the device application to send monitoring information to the server using SMS.


What is the Device requirement for to work ?


              PVRtracks is supported on BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60 devices at the moment.

                From September 15th, 2011, will be supported on Android and iPhone devices.

               Devices at present must have GPRS connection for them to report monitoring information to the server.

               From September 15th, 2011 monitoring information can be sent to the server using SMS.


How to install application on the device and who will do it ?


There are a few ways the application can be installed on the device and the installation is in most cases remote if the device has GPRS connectivity. However, if you are using only SMS method of monitoring then the device has to be physically obtained to install the application by your Administrator.

1.Remote Installation by URL: Each application is available at a URL on the server. By pointing the browser on the device to this URL, the application will automatically install on the device. So, the URL can be directly entered on the browser or open from an email to install the application.

2. Manual Installation: The application can also be installed on the device using the respective desktop companion. Download the application and install through the desktop application.

             a. BlackBerry Desktop for BlackBerry.

                          i. You will need a .COD and .ALX file.

             b. Application can be installed on Symbian S60 devices using USB or Bluetooth connection. Send the file to the device and select it on the device..

3. Remote Installation by BES: Automatic Remote Installation on BlackBerry The application can be automatically installed on the BlackBerry devices if you have your own BES server where you can copy the BlackBerry program and configure to install on the desired devices.


Who will do the Physical connectivity and Activation ?


Physical connectivity required to use is GPRS connection and SMS connection – both are provided by your Mobile Operator providing the mobile service and you will need to have these activated through them (if you do not already have it).

Activation of for your organization is done based on the number of licenses you have purchased. We activate those many licenses and it is up to your Administrator to assign/reassign them as discussed earlier.

Every time your Administrator assigns a subscription to a user, the subscription is automatically activated.


Will you provide training to Administrator ?


It is easy to Administer system if the following steps are followed by Administrator :

1. After login, click on Settings tab at the top to

             First register a user and make sure user’s department and role is also selected.

               Assign a subscription to the user.

               Check the Configuration of the user’s application and make any changes if required.

Nevertheless, we do the following to train your administrator :

             1. We provide a one hour online session where we go through each and every option available to the Administrator.

             2We provide a detailed user manual for Administrator.

             3We are available to answer any question anytime.


Will the program work in hidden mode ?


The program is designed to work in hidden mode where it :

             1. Loads automatically on device boot.

             2.  Login in to the server automatically.

             3Keeps updating on server automatically.

             4. Hide the UI from the user completely.

For all these to work, the following must be done :

              o IMEI number of the user must be entered in the subscription record of the user.

              o User’s configuration record must have been updated to hide the user interface.

Note :

             If you need this to be default configuration of your organization user then MobiTrack can update the master configuration record for your company which gets automatically copied to each user’s configuration record when the user is subscribed.

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