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An unique approach to location based activity monitoring & tracking solution

MobiTrack offers high-quality-stunning-accuracy tracking solution, providing real-time location updates using state-of-the-art GPS navigation and remote management system. In addition to activity monitoring service on the move, our solution packs additional features like-

                                              •  Geo fencing,
                                              •  Real-time Travel-path on satellite map,
                                              •  Signature verification,
                                              •  Image capture with geo-tagging,
                                              •  Permanent record of Travel history,
                                              •  Exporting Travel-logs into Excel file format,
                                              •  Cascaded monitoring in a Hierarchical team structure

MobiTracker Android App:

The MobiTracker app is compatible with Android phones and tablets whether you have Airtel, Vodafone, IDEA and Aircel, Reliance or another phone carrier.

The Benefits are:

•   Real-time Customer Service
             Monitor your resources on the move for maximum efficiency on demand
•   Operational Efficiencies
             Reduce costs and increase mobile workforce productivity all of which can be achieved with
             the help of MobiTracker
•   Increased Revenues
             Use MobiTracker to reduce time spent at wrong locations, increase efficiency and dispatch
             the closest ideal worker to the right job

Monitor your field-force via Geo-fencing:

Worry no more when your employees travel on fieldwork! The Geo-fencing can help you locate all your employees simultaneously via the app’s map. Geo-fencing can send alerts when your workers deviate or stop over en-route to their predefined destination, so you know they’ve arrived quickly. You can also watch them travel from one destination to the next via the app’s satelite map

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Mobi Track Digital Voice Recorder Powerful multi-track recording software designed for professional audio production.offers the ultimate in recording technology for small to medium installations, where reliability and dependability are of utmost importance. The application offers a high level of integration into existing communication installations.

If you are in doubt about which voice recording software is most suitable we recommend you just download and try ours. You don't have to purchase to download and it only takes seconds to download and install each program.

Why Mobi Track Digital Voice Recorder For Your Business?

Mobi Track Digital Voice Recorder phone applications are designed to be complete call center solutions. Features include call center recording, predictive dialing, automatic call distribution (ACD), and interactive voice response (IVR). Call center recording and voice logging can be an invaluable feature in your call center, helping you monitor agent performance while performing quality assurance tasks. Order entry verification and confirmation can be easily accomplished when your calls are recorded. Digital message recording is also another means or media for your customers to communicate with you. Database Systems Corp. introduced its Digital Call Recording and Retrieval System (DRRS) to enhance your call center performance by providing you with all of these recording functions. Together with our CRM and CTI products, Database can provide you with a total solution.

Using our Mobi Track Digital Voice Recorder call recording feature, call centers now have the ability to record and retrieve phone conversations in real time. Administrators can selectively record specific agents, all agents, certain campaigns, randomly, or even provide an agent with the ability to record on demand. Additionally, the recording option can be customized to meet virtually any set of business rules. Finally, since our digital call recording system was developed by DSC, support is performed by just one vendor, not many.

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