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Gomti Uses MobiTracker to Implement their Sales Strategy
Company:  Gomti Beverage Gomti Beverage
Industry:  Food & Beverages
Company Size:  Small
Contact:  Varun Dhawan, Marketing Head
About Our Client:  GOMTI is a famous Food & Beverages company based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. They’ve been serving North India since 2005 & are a force to reckon with in the beverage industry.
Business Challenge:   Gomti was looking for a solution to track its sales force to increase efficiency, collect up-to-the-minute real-time positioning of its sales personnel, and accurately implement their sales strategy. The company also needed a way to tell when employees arrived at their destinations and left stores and their overall travel path throughout the day.
The Solution:   We implemented the project in three phases, starting with requirements analysis and product trial, followed by customization and on-site testing, and rolling out the final product across the entire sale team’s - LG Optimus L3 series phones.
Gomti selected the MobiTracker® solution because of its ease of customizability, pre-sales support, lower pricing and simplistic user interface. MobiTracker provides detailed travel path on Satellite Map for Gomti management to see timestamp, speed and mobile battery status of their employees when they are on the move. “We select any employee into the Travel Path window, which then allows us to trace person-to-person from this point on in real time from any remote location or our office.” The benefits are increased field activities by 20% as per HR Manager and more disciplined coverage with fixed journey cycles.
Gomti Employee in 2D Google Map
Figure 1: Gomti Employee in 2D Google Map
Travel and Idle Time report
                          Figure 2: Travel and Idle Time report
As per Varun Dhawan, Marketing Head at Gomti they use our solutions to check employees taking off to unauthorized vacations during official visits, curtail idle time, over speeding and faulty routing to save a significant amount of time and money. They used this data to reward employee performance and boost their morale and thus ensured more effective sales planning for gaining strategic market share and lower attrition rate among frontline retail stores & dealers.
Onsite Snaps taken by Employees with Geotags
                 Figure 3: Onsite Snaps taken by Employees with Geotags
Gomti management also wanted to enable employees to stream live pictures of certain stores / places they visit and use them for media campaign at a later point of time, maintain SKUs at their distribution hubs, or thwart competitors from gaining upper hand.
As one of the top beverage company in the country, it’s easy to see that Gomti will scale new heights in the future. And in their journey they are not alone. We are happy to be a partner in their success story.
About Us: MobiTrack is a Bangalore based leading solution provider for field-force tracking & remote personnel management. Equipped with years of research and development, we bring you the cutting edge person-to-person tracking solution and activities on mobile phone in real time.